with a touch of bluegrass
Philadelphia, PA

"Brought together by their mutual love of the traditional American songbook, Ladybird draws on their multi-dimensional background to create a sound that echoes like a wind through the Appalachian pines. Never limited to one style, they draw on European classicism, Swedish folk, jazz, bluegrass - anything is fair game for these girls! Their original material is informed by these textures and brought to life by their instrumental abilities, but thrice as nice are their voices; “Emoting deep from the back of their throats, each artist nuanced not only with the character of her instrument but also with the individuality of her vocals,” (Tri-State Indie). 

Named one of Philadelphia's best folk acts by WXPN, Ladybird has shared stages with prominent artists like Steep Canyon Rangers,
JP Harris & Chance McCoy, and The Dustbowl Revival, and played prestigious venues and festivals such as Philadelphia Folk Festival, Tin Angel, and Chicago's Uncommon Ground. Ladybird's premiere EP, "Hey There, Ladybird!" was named in the
"Top Ten of 2016" on WPKN Radio Connecticut. 


Anna Cecilia Ferneborg (vocals, guitar,       mandolin)
Sarah Williams Larsen (vocals, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo)
Laura Kay (vocals, dobro, banjo, guitar)




"One of Philadelphia's best folk acts"
-Ian Zolitor, WXPN 88.5

"Ladybird is poised for greatness"
-Bruce Swan, Acousticlive.com, WPKN Radio

"A simple and yet sophisticated amalgamation of deeply personal lyrics, effortless vocal harmonies, and impressive ever-changing and exchanging string-accompaniment."
-TriState Indie

"Hillbilly Philly: The ladies of Philly's Indie-Country-Western Music Scene"
-Philly Weekly

"Finger pickin’ good: Ladybird gives Philly homey harmonies all year long"
-Philly Weekly

"These ladies are seen around town with some of the best traditional music groups this fine city (Philadelphia) has to offer"
-Root Down in the Shadow

"Ladybird is natural when performing.."
-WXPN's The Key

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Facebook: /heythereladybird
Instagram: @heythereladybird
Twitter: @ladybird_tweets


The Folk Show with Gene Shay 88.5 WXPN

The Folk Show with Ian Zolitor
88.5 WXPN

Bluegrass Crossroads Radio WXLV 90.3

WDVR 89.7
Delaware Township

WPKN 89.5
Connecticut/Long Island

WOMR 92.1

WFUV 90.7
John Platt Radio Show
New York City

WCBN 88.3
Ann Arbor, Michigan



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